Saturday, 27 Nov, 2021

Firearms And The Protection Of Family

In America, guns are so commonplace that many people feel they need them for protection. This is especially true if you live in a high crime area or h


In America, guns are so commonplace that many people feel they need them for protection. This is especially true if you live in a high crime area or have been the victim of violence at any point in life because it can leave lasting emotional scarring and hinder your sense of safety. When deciding to buy firearms there are several questions one should ask themselves such as: How much money will I be using? What type do I want? Is this legal where we live (within our state)? Will my spouse/sibling/parent allow me to purchase the firearm myself or with their consent before doing anything else?


During the turbulent birth of our country, our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms via the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. There are many ongoing debates, pro & con on this topic.


I'm not a gun expert, but I know how important it is to protect yourself and your family. We hear about these shootings happening all over the world where someone goes into a building with guns blazing and kills dozens of innocent people in seconds- if they don't kill themselves first! So yeah, maybe we need tighter restrictions on who can buy weapons because if you live anywhere near me then chances are somebody has got their eye out for my family's safety as well.


I grew up hearing stories from relatives that lived through WWII; stories about what would have happened had there been no 2nd Amendment or any other law enforcement around to help them defend themselves against Nazi occupation forces. The mere thought brings tears even now when thinking about our brothers.


In those States that offers the privilege of offering conceal carry licenses, the crime rates have shown to be substantially less than those States with stringent gun control. New York & Washington D.C. Are prime example of States with strict anti-gun laws, yet their crime rates are well above average. Would you dare to stroll Central Park in the dark hours? One thing is for certain, Criminals will never have shortage of guns, no matter what State they happen to be in, and very often their firepower exceed those of our law enforcement agencies, we are however making great progress in that aspect.


I remember the day I finally decided that my home and family would be protected via firearms. It was a tough decision because some people might not think it's an option for them, but seeing as how there were many break-ins happening around here recently, it seemed like the right choice at this time in our lives!

Protecting with a firearm requires a mind set of being able to use that firearm, to pull the trigger if the situation requires it, and continue to do so until the threat has been dealt with. This may sound harsh, but seasoned criminals will often be able to tell if home owner is using his weapon for show or is actually serious about using it.


Some home owners are so scared that they might be killed by their own gun, but it's always worth the risk.


In my case, should an intruder invade my home and poses a threat to myself or loved ones, I will not hesitate to shoot him/her until the threat has been dealt with. My aim will be for center of mass, a double tap will be fired (2 shots), then I will evaluate the situation and if the threat persists will again fire until there is no more threats and the intruder if able follows my instructions. If a member of my family has not called 911 by that time, a call will be made for police help & medical services for the intruder.


All those living under my roof, have received training in the use of firearms and are quite proficient in their use. Having firearms in the home also requires extensive precautions in terms of safety. All my weapons are kept in either my large gun safe or in handgun safe boxes, out of reach from little fingers as well as out of sight. Only at bed time will I have handguns/shotgun out by our bed, a charged cell phone is also next to our bed during that time.


Protection of one's family is a very important decision which should involve all adults in the home. Firearms are not the answer for everyone. Many people feel that they will never become victims in their own home & that if need arises, their local police agency will be there to protect them.


My reality does not follow that line of thinking, therefore I am prepared should problems arise. I hope and pray that the day for the use of my training never materialize.


These are the weapons that we would use and are proficient with should trouble comes knocking on our door.


HK USP45 = full size pistol in .45acp

Glock 23 = compact .40SW (wife's)


Mossberg 500 Defender model = 12gauge loaded with #4 buckshot

Ruger Mini 30 = 7.62x39 (20rds mags) in unlikely case where shots would be needed past 30/40 yards.


My conceal carry favorite pistol is the Kel-Tec P11 in 9mm, followed closely by a Walther PPKS in .380.


When fishing or hiking in areas where dangerous predators reside, a SW Mountain Gun in .44mag is always carried in my shoulder holster.


It's important to have a plan in place for home protection that you and your family can go over. You should make sure everyone is on the same page about what they'll do if trouble finds them at their house, as well how they will handle any firearms with regards to safety first before anything else.


For the best accuracy, aim for a calibre that is not too powerful. A small gun will give you better control and precision when shooting than one with more power but less stability.


No matter how you choose to spend your time, whether it be with friends and family or just yourself, we hope that every moment is a happy one.