Monday, 18 Oct, 2021

Gun Safes - 4 Revealing Statistics Why Firearms Owners Need A Gun Safe

We all know that gun violence is a serious issue in our country. But how many people are actually using them for self defense? In reality, the number


We all know that gun violence is a serious issue in our country. But how many people are actually using them for self defense? In reality, the number of annual defensive uses ranges from 100 thousand to 3 million with some research suggesting it could be as high as 112 million! If you have one at your home and don't want something like this happening to you then invest in a safe or vault - especially if there's children around who might try opening it up themselves. It'll give everyone peace of mind knowing their firearms won’t fall into the wrong hands when they're not looking.


Fire can be a terrible thing for those who are not prepared. If your house is on fire, what would happen to the firearms stored in it? Would they still be safe or will people find them and steal them before you have time to get them out of there? Is this something that should concern us if our gun falls into unsafe hands due to an unforeseen event like theft by breaking-in or burglary during times when we're not home (like at work)?


These are the three main important questions that every gun owner must answer, and if the answer to any one of these questions or to all of these questions is in the affirmative, then what he needs immediately is a gun safe.


Consider these 4 revealing statistics:


1. In the United States of America, the FBI has estimated that there are more than 341,000 incidents of firearm theft from private citizens every year on average.


By nature, we tend to believe that firearm theft will not occur to "us" ...and that theft only occurs to others. It is time to get wiser, that theft does not wait for any man. For many who possess guns or firearms that are actually hierlooms, the loss of the firearms would mean much more than normal loss. It means loss of something sentimental, and it would be worse if that hierloom was used in the commission of a crime resulting in loss of life.


2.Guns and firearms are stolen with a purpose - stolen guns often end up in the hands of unwanted individuals and criminals who may use them to commit further misdeeds, burglary, theft, robbery and even cause bodily harm to others. Worse, children and kids may mistaken a real gun for a toy and mishandle it if the gun is not stored away properly, resulting in accidents.


We have read and seen actual cases where kids have easy access to the parents firearms, resulting in terrible unnecessary loss of lives and untold misery that lasts for life.


3. It is estimated that over 30% of the firearms used in the commission of a crime are stolen from American homes and businesses. Now, that is a really worrisome figure. Theft of guns is becoming a source of further crime and gun-owners must take on a role to prevent increasing firearms theft.


4. A burglar has a time window of around 6 minutes to look quickly for prized possessions and assets to steal when he breaks into a home, this being the time burglars would be "comfortable" in the commission of his crime.


Frustrate the burglar's "time comfort zone", by storing away your gun properly.


Keeping a gun at home is an important responsibility. To ensure safety, it's not advised to store your weapon in spaces that are easy for burglars or unauthorized persons to find - like desk drawers and behind pictures frames.


As the saying goes: "a man who has his sword by him always needs two more." Hide weapons away from those you don't want them found with clever hiding spots around the house; choosing places where they wouldn't be expected and thieves will have trouble getting into such as under beds, inside of dresser chests, etc


A responsible gun owner needs a firearm vault or fireproof safe to keep their guns from being stolen, lost in the event of an emergency and avoid them getting into the wrong hands. A good option is one that cannot be broken through by burglars as well as withstanding extreme temperatures like fires which may occur due to possible accidents.